What are the Benefits of Using a NBN Battery?

What are the Benefits of Using a NBN Battery?

There are lots of benefits to using an NBN battery to improve internet connectivity, so if you have been thinking of installing one, you might want to consider the following advantages. The first obvious advantage is uninterrupted internet connectivity.


Internet connectivity

Cost of a NBN Battery at EnerSys. If you install an NBN battery backup you can be sure your connection will remain uninterrupted due to power outages. If a power outage does occur, your backup NBN battery can take over and you can continue without disruption.


Power back up for other utilities

Your NBN battery can not only serve as a backup power source for your internet connection but also your telephone line, as the telephone line is connected to the NBN battery. It can also provide backup power for other things like routers and ethernet switches, for example.


Automated switching

Another benefit of NBN batteries is the automated switching capability. NBN batteries will automatically switch if the power goes out, so you don’t have to go racing around the house if the lights go out. Lots of NBN batteries also have a feature that switches the battery off if it reaches 40%, which helps protect the battery.


Simple indicator system

On most NBN batteries, you will find a simple light indicator system that easily informs you of the state of the battery. This is useful as you know when the battery’s backup has been activated and when the battery needs to be replaced.


NBN batteries are recyclable

Unlike nearly all other batteries which can’t be recycled because of sealed lead and other factors, most NBN batteries are fully recyclable. Most local recycling will accept an NBN battery, so you don’t have to worry about disposing of your NBN battery when the time comes for that.



So in conclusion, there are many clear benefits to installing an NBN battery into your home or work network, from protection from outages, which is particularly useful in some areas like in the more rural parts of Australia, to the NBN batteries’ capability to power other utilities like your phone line, keeping you fully connected at all times.

The NBN battery’s other useful features like automated switching and simple indicator system make it very accessible and easy to use. And when it comes to disposal, there are also no problems there, as you can easily recycle the battery. With all these upsides, it can clearly be seen that installing an NBN battery is a good idea, so if you were on the fence about the idea, these positive points may convince you otherwise.